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This short free course is for anyone who is interested in mobile learning, specifically the potential mobile apps hold for learning and teaching.  Over 12 consecutive weekdays, starting Dec 1st, take the time to read 12 short case studies written by educators from Ireland, the UK and America, and be inspired by the work that they are doing. Let us know what you think of what you’ve read and watched by leaving a comment on that day’s case study page, or tweet your thoughts using #12appsDIT.

For further information on how the 12 days will be run watch the short video above. If you have any queries or questions please contact Frances Boylan (

To register, please go back to the registration page at

The 12 Apps of Christmas at DIT is based on a similar programme, #RUL12AoC, devised by Chris Rowell (@Chri5rowell) of Regent’s University in London. All materials provided on The 12 Apps of Christmas site are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


Frances profile pictureFrances  Boylan graduated from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick (NUI) with a BEd (Hons) and taught for a number of years at primary level before attending Trinity College Dublin to undertake a MEd, specialising in Educational Management, followed by an MSc in IT in Education. She subsequently pursued her Doctorate with the University of Sheffield UK. Frances works currently in the area of eLearning Development within the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) at the Dublin Institute of Technology where she supports lecturers as they engage with technology enhanced learning practices. She supervises PhD students as well as masters students undertaking the MSc in Applied eLearning, and co-ordinates and lectures on other accredited Continuing Professional Development courses offered by the LTTC. She is a member of DIT’s Research Ethics Committee, and she reviews articles for a number of international journals. Frances is also a member of the National Panel of Teaching Practice Tutors with Waterford Institute of Technology.

* Huge thanks goes to Trevor Boland for designing the images for this year’s site again.

Profile picture Trevor BolandTrevor Boland graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design and the National College of Art and Design with a BDEs (Hons). He worked for a number of years in Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Youth Work settings. He then progressed into Lecturing in the Dublin Institute of Technology and in that time he completed a MSc in Creative Digital Media in DIT. He later moved into the role of Assistive Technology Officer in the DIT Disability Support Service which brought together two passions, technology and education. In this role he supports students with a broad spectrum of disabilities and facilitate Assistive Technology training and awareness sessions. Trevor has presented at events such as the Universal Design, EdTech and AHEAD to advocate bespoke technology tools that are intrinsic to the student experience in college. Other projects involve the creation of apps to support the induction into other DIT Schools such an app called PREP4DIT and GETSMART. He has begun his second masters in Applied E Learning in the LTTC in DIT.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I have just heard about your interesting “12 apps for Christmas” project (through the sigma Network newsletter).

    1. I couldn’t see the registration icon mentioned in the video. Presumably you don’t need to register to access the 12 apps

    2. I am a mathematician and in recent years have been involved in maths and stats support in HE. I read that in 2015 you had “Maths Apps” as one of your offerings. I would be interested to know what was included under that heading.

    3. I have been peripherally involved in two very attractive free maths apps developed by my colleague Richard Lissaman in MEI. They are: Sumaze! (aimed at a range of secondary and HE students) and Sumaze 2 (aimed at a those needing to improve their numeracy skills). Both were partially funded by the sigma network, We are always looking for ways to widen their uptake.

    I hope that “12 Apps” is a big hit with people working in education this year

    Trevor Hawkes

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  2. Hi Trevor,

    To register, you need to go back to the registration page at There you’ll find a link to an Eventbrite page through which you can register. The 12 case studies will be released one day at a time and each day the page will be password protected. To get that password you need to register. You’ll get a short email each morning reminding you to check our that day’s case study. Registration is also the only way that I will know how many people are following the 12 Apps course. Once the course is over, I’ll remove the passwords and the site will stay open as an OER.

    Yes, in 2015 we did showcase some Maths apps. All of the content from last year is open and available for use at The Maths apps in particular are at .

    I hadn’t heard of Sumaze before this but will certainly check them out. Please fee free to tweet at them to everyone following this course by using #12appsDIT in your tweets.

    Looking forward to working with you online in December!


  3. Hi Frances and Trevor, I am looking forward to learning about mobile learning, specifically the potential mobile apps hold for learning and teaching. I am the eLearning Officer at GOTAFE in Victoria, Australia and always interested in further developing my skills to share with others. Mobile learning is definitely something that we are promoting at present with our teachers as it is the way of the future.

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