Register here

This year, registration will be handled via Eventbrite.

To register, please click

red-starPlease access the Eventbrite page using  Firefox or Chrome. Eventbrite doesn’t work too well in Internet Explorer and you may not be able to see the green ‘Register’ button.

In the days after you have registered you will receive an email welcoming you to the course. Each morning during the course itself you will receive a reminder email to check out that day’s page. Each page will be password protected for the duration of the course, and that daily email will remind you of the password. Once the course is over, all passwords will be removed and the site will remain available for use as an open educational resource (OER).


12 thoughts on “Register here

    1. Hi Frances, Like Rosemary I am unable to register. There isn’t a green register button on the Eventbrite page- it looks like it isn’t loading properly. I’ve tried several times today, with no success. Zoe


      1. Hi Zoe, It seems that Eventbrite doesn’t like Internet Explorer. If you access that Eventbrite page using either Firefox or Chrome it should work perfectly. Let me know how you get on.



    1. Hi Leonie,

      The 12 Apps of Christmas will start on Dec 1st and will run for 16 consecutive weekdays. When you register you’ll be asked to provide an email address. Once Dec 1st, and each subsequent 16 weekdays, you’ll get an email reminding you to check out that day’s app and telling you what the password is.

      Looking forward to working with you in December,


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    1. Hi Peter,
      An email was sent yesterday morning, via Eventbrite, to all those registered before 9am GMT (although I believe some people’s email accounts blocked the email from Eventbrite). I resent that email to as many new registrations as I could during the day (roughly 300 people). The 40 who registered during the night time hours here haven’t heard from me yet. Each morning before 9am GMT, an email will issue via Eventbrite to remind everyone of the password and this should catch all new registrations. If you don’t receive the email from eventbrite, please let me know at
      Thanks – frances


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